August 14th, 2005


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Okay so basically my whole life, I have been plagued by weird/psycho neighbors. Especially the ones I had in Georgia, and the ones I have now.

The dude that lived to the right of my house in Georiga INSANE. He was missing 3 fingers and would dance around a bonfire in his backyard naked and set off fireworks at random times, mostly at 3 o'clock in the morning. One summer, I was out getting the mail when I heard a HUGE explosion, and I looked over at his house only to find a hole in the roof, and smoke coming out of it. We called the police who eventually called the FBI an hour later, who called the Bomb Squad and they found like, 100 tanks of hydrogen and all this crazy stuff in his basement. We found out that he wanted to blow up his house to get insurance money. Eh eh, idiot.

My other neighbors, were seriously, 25-30 Mexicans living in a 4 bedroom house. They would have Mariachi (sp?) bands playing every single Friday from 5 in the afternoon 'till 3954832 in the morning. Their cars lined up and down the street, most of which where painter vans. But they cooked us chalupas a couple of times. So whatevz.

Now, the people to the right of us are Polish and they think that their jacuzzi is an olympic sized pool, I swear. They usually throw "pool parties" on Friday nights and they can fit about 20 people in that thing. It's kind of uh, gross.

My other neighbor is this hermit who only comes out to mow his lawn, which is whenever we mow our lawn. And he also has 4984 cats. Well, I guess he's not that weird but uhm, still.

I have no idea why I'm posting this. Have fun.

edit: CHANEL (woes) + JAMES = OTP!!!
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