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How many states have you lived in? Uhmm..4. California, Ohio, Georgia and Florida.

How many states have you traveled through/vacationed in? Deary Me. Too many to count.

Which state was/is your favorite?  I like New York and California but I never really got to truly expierence them so I would like to go back.

You have two weeks alone (ALONE!) any place in the world. Where would you go? France, definitely.

What would you do? Uhm, sightsee and just enjoy it.

Where would you least like to live? the amazon.



How old were you when you first moved out of your parents’ home? Uhm, like, never.

Did you ever have to move back in? Totally.

How old were you when you thought you were "in love" for the first time?   13, rofl. Those were the days.

How old were you when you realized you hadn’t really been? 15, I guess.

How old were you when you really did fall in love? I haven't yet.

What year did you get your first real job?  Haha, uhm, never?

How much was minimum wage?  I DON'T KNOW!!

What year did you graduate from high school?  I haven't yet.

What was the theme song to your Senior Prom? n/a.


How many letters are in your name? Eight. I think.

How many keys are on your keychain? 1

How many windows are in your home?  Like I honestly go around counting windows in my spare time.

How many exterior doors are in your home? 3

How many cars have you owned? Zero. Hah.

How many states have you had driver’s licenses in?  One.

How many e-mail addresses in your ‘primary’ e-mail account address book? I don't know dsfdsf

How many email accounts do you have?  One.


What is the last book you read? "This Must be Love" by someone somethingorother. I'm actually still reading it.

What are you currently reading? ^^

What do you plan to read next?  Probably uhm, Episode I.

What was the last movie you watched alone?  "Go Figure" LET'S WATCH A DISNEY CHANNEL MOVIE!

What was the last movie you watched with someone else? I forgot. It was weird though.

What (if any) one television do you watch religiously every day/week? Uhm, ANTM when it's on and "That's So Raven" AHAH.

What (if any) is your favorite sport? Hockey. Like there is any other obvious answer.


What is your favorite musical? Errr.

Have you ever seen a live opera production? No

If so, which ones?

What is your favorite opera?

Who is your favorite playwright?

What is your favorite play by him/her?

Who is your favorite poet?

What is your favorite poem by him/her?

Who is your favorite stand-up comedian?

Which ‘Friend’ would you say you are most like?

Who in ‘Mayberry’ do you have the most in common with?

Which of the two questions above was easiest to answer?

I'm too lazy to answer all of those.

How old are your parents? Early 40s.

Are you missing any digits? Yeah?

Do you wear glasses or contacts? Glasses.

Dressing up for an evening out - pants or skirt? Skirt.

What do you use more of: Tape, Staples or Paper Clips? Tape

Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator? Explorer and Mozilla ;D

PC or Mac?  PC

If PC: Windows, Linux, or Unix? Windows

Do you use paper towels or re-useable rags? Paper Towels. I feel so destructive.

Ladies: Are your toenails painted? Uh, yes.

Man, I hate it when I'm not reassured of things. Like lately, I've been restless with basically everything, especially my relationship with God and it really bugs me and I've been overthinking way too much and ughhhh.
So basically, prayer would be appreciated.


I tivo'd a billion Arthur episodes and my favorite one came on and I was really happy about that.

later gat0r5.
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