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fists pounding on a vending machine

This past weekend, I went to Miami. I took

While we were there, we went to this house/mansion/museum thing called "Vizcaya". This millionaire built it around 1900 or something, and it is so beautiful. You can't really see it in all the pictures because they wouldn't let photography in the actual house so I couldn't take any more pictures. :(

Funny story: When we went there 3 years ago, we(me, my mum and my sister; my dad was sitting on a bench outside the room) were inside one of the whopping 17 rooms and my Mother closed the door to look at the tapestry that was hanging on the back. Before we know it, the door has 'accidentally' closed. We think 'no big deal' and go to open it, and lo and behold! It's stuck! There isn't even a doorknob on the fa-lippin' door. So soon enough, my sister starts screaming and crying hysterically, thinking we are going to die. I'm sitting there thinking "Oh, just great. My life sux. Wah." {That was in my 8th-grade-angst- wanna-be goth-stage.) But then I started giving in and laughing. So we were in there about 1 1/2 hours when the security finally had to bust down the door.

Okay it doesn't sound that funny, but it is to me. My family can never go anywhere without something weird or bizarre or hilarious happening to us which I suppose is a good thing..?

Anywho, the last two pictures are of my sister and I being drama queens because that little mini-castle there looked very Shakespearesque. SO yeah. And the last pictures are me with babeh Jayden, who is basically like my cousin but not really. HE IS SO CUTE HOLY CRAP. I blacked out my face though because I looked like this:

They switched my first and third period today. What the heck. I liked first period french. I KNEW people. And my new marine science class sucks. Ew.

Wow, this is actually a real update. Go me. Props. Yay.

Uhm, and I leave you with this one last picture that is just plain funny, kay?
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